April 5, 2014

Heating Repair

Heating Repair ServicesHeating Repair and Boiler Tune-Ups

At Varsity, heating problems are always given priority. Our factory-trained experts carry a large compliment of heating parts, ensuring a timely repair to your heating system.

Reduce Fuel Costs, Operate Safer, Extend Equipment Life, Fewer Breakdowns, Save Money!

Air Source Heat Pumps Repaired & Replaced

With the new higher efficiencies, air source heat pumps are a viable source of heat on Long Island. Heat pumps are now available with Seer ratings in excess of 20. Utility rebates from PSE&G up to $1,000 are available on high Seer replacements. During spring and fall, air source heat pumps can be more efficient than other forms of oil and gas heat.
Varsity has factory-trained specialists who would be happy to assist you in choosing the right air source heat pump for your home.

Airflow Problems Corrected

Many older systems, and many systems that are not so old, have airflow problems. These problems can be traced back to poor ductwork design, inadequate returns, crushed flex duct or separated collars. Varsity’s airflow experts will track down and correct the problem. We have inspected 100s of miles of ductwork, and we know what to look for. Varsity also has expertise in zoning systems. We install, repair and retrofit systems. Wireless systems with control over the internet are available.
Contact your Varsity representative today with any questions you may have.

Gas & Oil Furnaces and Boilers Repaired & Replaced

Before and After Installation

For the past 50 years. Varsity has been servicing, replacing and installing all types and makes of oil and gas furnaces and boilers. Boilers and furnaces of various efficiencies, from 80% AFUE to 97% AFUE are within Varsity’s area of expertise. Our Oil service mechanics have been factory trained as well as receiving training on industry updates. Our gas technicians have been factory trained as well as undergoing ongoing safety training. Direct vent, condensing, gas boilers is an area that Varsity has industry-wide recognition. Choosing a replacement or new heating system is an area where Varsity can offer help and guidance, depending on your needs. When it comes to oil heat, Varsity r

eplaces and installs oil tanks, both inside and outdoor tanks. We install high-efficiency retention head oil burners, as well as energy saving retrofit controls. Rapid advances in warm air furnace development have led to a more comfortable heat with increased energy efficiency. Modulating gas valves with variable speed blowers not only save fuel, but save electric as well.
When it comes to heat, call the experts at Varsity. Free estimates on all replacement systems.

Heating Zones Added

With energy costs on the rise, homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy usage. The use of zoning is becoming more popular to avoid heating unused space. Zoning for forced warm air systems is accomplished by using zone dampers to split up ductwork. Zoning in hot water systems is accomplished through the addition of zone valves or circulators and some piping reconfiguration. The design of either of these systems is critical. Improperly designed systems can lead to short cycling and premature equipment failure.
A Varsity comfort specialist will be happy to provide guidance and a free estimate to help you reach your goals.

Humidifiers Installed

Although often misunderstood, proper humidity is one of the most important aspects of indoor comfort. When the humidity in the home is too low, itching, dry skin, dry eyes, and an increase in flue like symptoms are present. In additions to health concerns, low humidity is associated with increases in static electricity, separation in wood floors, and damage to furniture. Proper humidity greatly reduces fuel consumption, as lower temperatures feel comfortable at higher humidity levels. There are two general types of humidifiers: Evaporative and Steam. Determining which type of humidifier is best for you home is based on capacity, control, easy of maintenance, and ease of installation. The average size home requires the introduction of 11 gallons of humidity per day.
A Varsity expert would be happy to discuss and suggest the type of humidifier and size to best meet your needs.

Oil To Gas Conversions

With oil costs at record highs, many Long Islanders are looking to convert from oil to natural gas heat. The first step in this process is to find out if gas is available in the street at your home. Call Varsity and we will get the information for you. If gas is available, the next step is to request gas service. Again, Varsity will aid you in this process. If you sign a contract with Varsity, here is a look at the process that will take place:

• Permits will be filed with the town you live in.

• We will install properly sized gas piping from location of the new gas service to location of the new heating appliance.

• Pump existing oil tank and abandon or remove per EPA guidelines.

• Properly line existing chimney.

• Install new gas burning appliance.

• Perform gas pressure test with town inspector as a witness.

• Meet with National Grid representative for installation of gas meter.

• Fire up heating appliance and test for proper operation.

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate

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