April 5, 2014

Plumbing Repairs

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The Varsity name has been synonymous with quality plumbing repairs and installations on Long Island since 1962.

We have encountered and resolved nearly every type of plumbing problem, some of which are unique to Long Island. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Expert Leak Tracing & Repair

A dripping faucet, a leaky shower, a leak under a cement slab, or a leaking waste line all have one thing in common; left un- repaired, further more costly damage will occur. A common leak that is somewhat unique to Long Island, is the leak under a concrete slab. Many homes on Long Island were built with water, waste and heating lines buried under a concrete slab. Many of these pipes were not properly protected and now are beginning to leak. Eventually the leak will show itself as it comes up through the floor. Since water tends to “pond” under the floor, pinpointing the location of the leak takes high-tech leak detection equipment and years of experience.  Varsity puts an emphasis on minimizing cost of repair and home disruption. Alternative methods of rerouting pipes to save expensive floors are often employed. Our 50 years experience will help you in dealing with your insurance company. Difficult to find leaks are often referred to Varsity from other Plumbing Companies.

Water Heaters Installed, Repaired & Replaced

Oil Water Heaters, Natural and Propane Gas Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Boiler Tank-less Coils, Instantaneous On-Demand Water Heaters, and Point of use Water Heaters. All of the above represent possible solutions to improving the quality of life in your home. Speak to a Varsity representative and we will help you find what’s best to meet your needs. Constantly changing building codes make changing or installing a water heater a job for a licensed Master Plumber. For your peace of mind, Varsity holds a license in all Long Island Municipalities. Codes vary from town to town, so don’t get caught with violations.
A Varsity representative will be happy to go over the features and benefits of each type of water heater.

Gas Piping & Gas Appliance Installation

Gas piping and appliance venting is NOT a job for the “do-it-your-selfer”. Stringent gas and vent codes along with building department filing requirements require the expertise of a licensed Master Plumber. Every year, hundreds of deaths are attributed to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from improper venting. In addition, untold deaths occur from gas explosions. $200,000,000 in property losses each year are attributed to dryer vent fires. Pool heaters, generators and outdoor BBQs require a special underground gas piping and can only be installed by factory- trained personnel. Always hire a licensed master plumber when installing gas piping and venting.

Toilets Repaired and Replaced

Small toilet leaks from tank to bowl which are often not detectable without a dye test, can add 20% to 30% to a monthly water bill. Leaks at the wax seal can lead to costly structural damage and ceiling repairs below. If it’s time to replace your existing bowl, call Varsity, a nationally recognized expert in the quality of flush from various manufacturers. Our research has been presented at a National Contractors Convention and published in a National Contractors Publication. Toilets of comfort height are available for seniors and handicapped. Certain toilets are made with larger trap-ways for those who have chronic stoppages from various medications. Be sure to speak with a Varsity representative when you change your toilet.
We can help you find a toilet that meets your needs both aesthetically and functionally.

Frozen Pipes Repaired & Replaced

Although not an annual event, frozen pipes can be unnerving and have the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Construction shortcuts, alterations not properly insulated, and open crawl spaces are all frequent causes for pipes freezing. Frozen Pipes, when thawed in time, often cause little or no damage. Frozen pipes not caught in time will burst and cause untold damages. All Varsity vehicles are equipped with state of the art thawing machines. All trucks are also equipped with high BTU bullet heaters. Our large fleet can respond quickly to frozen pipe emergencies. After the thaw, Varsity will recommend solutions to keep pipes from freezing again. “Heat Trace” is a thermostatically controlled wire attached to a pipe to keep it from freezing. Armour-flex insulation can be wrapped on pipes at low cost and a final solution is to reroute pipes out of cold areas.

Water Pressure Problems Corrected

Water pressure on Long Island varies from as low as 30 psi to a high in excess of 110 psi. At either extreme, plumbing problems will occur. Low pressure makes operating diverters difficult, rinsing soap is near impossible, and some water using appliances will cease to operate. Excessive water pressure (over 80 psi ) will cause leaks, damage to pipes, damage to water using appliances and unless properly protected, can cause water heater relief valves to blow off. Correcting low-pressure problems is the more difficult of the two problems. Pipe sizes, amount of scale in pipe, possible main valve closure can all contribute to low water pressure. If the problem is low water pressure delivered to the house, some type of pressure booster pump is needed. Varsity can help you choose the pump needed, based on the application. Excessive water pressure is easy to take care of with the use of a pressure-reducing valve. Adding a pressure-reducing valve along with a pressure gauge allows you to dial in the ideal pressure for your home.
Ask a Varsity Technician to check your water pressure when we are in your home.

Faucets Repaired & Replaced

The past 2 decades have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of faucets to choose from. Choosing the right faucet for the kitchen or bath you have is a difficult decision. If you like to cook, a high spout faucet will accommodate tall pots. Depending on basin style, a long spout faucet will often make hand washing easier. Varsity carries a full line of competitive faucets that will provide years of use and meet your individual needs. Along with the dramatic increase in faucets to choose from comes a need for increased repair parts. Varsity carries repair parts for all major manufacturers as well as repair parts for faucets from decades ago.
We have local network of suppliers and can often get repair parts the same day.

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